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Privacy Policy

Photo CDM Inc. designated as “Photo CDM”

Privacy Policy

Because of the nature of its operations, Photo CDM is called upon to collect information on its clients and other users of its online software, Web site and of other services it offers. Photo CDM stores this information according to the Privacy Policy (the ‘Policy’) herein. The Policy applies to (i) information gathered by Photo CDM on its own clients (the ‘Clients’), (ii) information contained in distribution lists belonging to Photo CDM clients and stored in Photo CDM servers (the ‘Third Parties’), notwithstanding certain conditions hereafter mentioned and as applicable, and (iii) information on other users of the online software, Web site and other services offered by Photo CDM (the ‘Users’). Photo CDM commits to the following principles on which the Policy is based.


Photo CDM accepts responsibility for the management of information with respect to its Clients, Third Parties and Users and has accordingly designated one or more persons to oversee Policy compliance.

Intended Use of Personal Data

Photo CDM may collect the following data on Clients or Users for the purposes mentioned here under:

  • Registration

In order to access a Photo CDM software, a Client must fill a registration form and provide details on how to reach him/her (name, title, address, email address and name, phone number, fax number and Web site URL of the company he/she works for). This information is used by Photo CDM to contact the Client to discuss the applications in which he/she is interested. The Client may choose to provide information of a demographic nature (such as gender) and marketing information (such as size and activities of the company, how he/she learned about Photo CDM, etc.). This information is used solely for the purposes of gaining a better understanding of Client profiles and improving services.

  • Billing

In addition to information provided on how to be reached, as explained in the Registration section, Clients must also provide details for billing purposes (name and address of credit card holder, number and expiry date of credit card). This information is used for billing and to control access to online applications. Should Cantrex experience problems approving an order, this information would serve to contact the Client.

  • Cookies

A ‘cookie’ is a data file containing information on a Client or a User stored on the Client’s or User’s hard drive. Use of ‘cookies’ does not give access to information identifying a person. A ‘cookie’ cannot read data on a hard drive nor other ‘cookies’ created by other sites. Once your browser is closed, the ‘cookie’ is deactivated. For example, by storing a ‘cookie’ on a User’s hard drive, the system can recall the User’s password, thus enabling him/her to save time when accessing the applications. A User who declines to use the ‘cookie’, which he/she is entirely free to do, can still access our applications but must enter his/her password every time information is requested. ‘Cookies’ also enable Photo CDM to focus on the areas of interest of visitors to its Web site.

  • Newsletter

The Client or User interested in receiving our Newsletter will have to provide Photo CDM with the necessary information, such as name and email address.

  • Surveys and Contests

From time to time, Photo CDM may invite visitors to its Web site to participate in surveys and contests and in so doing, to provide information. Participation in such surveys and contests is of an entirely voluntary nature and the Client or User may choose to provide the requested information or decline to do so. Data gathered may include: details on how to be reached (name, email address, delivery address, etc.) and information of a demographic nature (such as age and gender). Information on how to be reached will be used to contact winners and to forward prizes. Information collected through surveys enables Photo CDM to monitor the use of its products and services as well as the level of satisfaction of its Clients and Users.

  • Special Offers

All new Clients and Users will receive a ‘Welcome’ message to confirm the correctness of the email address and of the password. Clients and Users will from time to time receive information on Photo CDM products and services and on special offers as well as a Newsletter. In the spirit of the Privacy Policy, Photo CDM will not forward such information if Clients and Users decline to receive it. In this regard, please see the ‘Cancellation of Subscription’ section below.

  • Updating of Applications

Photo CDM will also forward information on its online applications to Clients and Users, who must subscribe to the service as it contains important information on the applications they access. Photo CDM will contact Clients and Users by phone or email to provide them with the services or the information they require or to solve any problems concerning their account.

  • Log Files

Photo CDM uses the IP addresses of its Clients and Users with a view to aggregating the data gathered through the analysis of trends, the administration of its Web site, the tracking of visitors’ activity and the collection of data of a demographical nature. At no time will IP addresses be linked to information identifying a person.

Photo CDM shares aggregated data of a demographical nature with its business partners. At no time can this information enable the identification of a person.

A Photo CDM partner handles messages forwarded to mobile phones (SMS) and the billing is done by a credit card billing company. These partners do not keep information provided by Photo CDM nor do they share it or retain it for any purpose other than those intended.


Photo CDM informs beforehand its Clients and Users of all personal data collection, use, communication, retention and destruction on its Web site as well as in all its online applications.

Constraints of Data Collection

Photo CDM does not collect data other than the personal data required for specific purposes and must, in this regard, act in all honesty and legality.

Limitation on the Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Data

Photo CDM does not use nor communicate personal data for any purpose other than those intended unless Clients or Users agree to such purposes and unless required by law. Photo CDM does not use the personal data of Clients and Users nor does it forward them to unrelated third parties unless Clients or Users have been advised of the intended use or communication and have given their consent. Photo CDM takes all precautions to ensure that at no time does an unauthorized person have access to data on Third Parties.Photo CDM does not retain personal data it collects longer than for the purposes intended or as required by law.

Correctness of Data

Photo CDM uses care to ensure the correctness of the information in its files. Clients and Users are encouraged to provide the correct information when visiting the Web site or online software or when using any other service provided by Photo CDM. They may, at any time, update the information previously provided by forwarding it to the following address, along with the proper identification:

Cancellation of Subscription

At the time their account is created, Clients and Users may choose to receive or decline to receive a newsletter and a daily report of activity generated by their campaign. Clients and Users who decline to receive the information may cancel their subscription by clicking on the hyperlink at the bottom of their email or by sending a message to the following address:

Security Features and User-Friendliness

Photo CDM has incorporated security features in its systems to protect the personal data provided by its Clients and Users according to their sensitivity level. Such features are applied to the access, use, communication, retention and destruction of personal data.

All exchanges of information of a confidential nature (such as a credit card number) between Photo CDM and a Client or User are encrypted and supported by the SSL/TSL protocol, the security protocol of record in the industry. Please click on the following hyperlink to learn more about the SSL/TSL protocol:

The SSL protocol protects the online transmission of data. Photo CDM also takes all precautions to ensure that the data stored on its servers are well protected, whether online or offline. No information, including confidential and non-confidential data, can be accessed from any other location than the offices of Photo CDM and only those employees required to perform a specific task have access to confidential data.

Furthermore, all Photo CDM employees are informed of the Privacy Policy and of the related practices. All Photo CDM< employees are informed of the importance of confidentiality and security when updates to the Policy and practices are made.

All hosting servers are installed in secure locations, are under locks and monitored at all times.


Any Client or User may request information on the existence of personal data, their use and communication and be granted access to view them.


Photo CDM recognizes that its Clients and Users are concerned with the development of management principles applicable to personal data and will do everything in its power to address their evolving needs and expectations with respect to the protection of personal data as its own products and services are developed and evolve.Questions on this Policy may be forwarded at all times to Photo CDM by clicking on


The Photo CDM Web site contains hyperlinks to other sites. Please note that Photo CDM is in no way responsible for their content nor for their confidentiality practices. Photo CDM strongly suggests that Clients and Users take the time to read the privacy policy of any site that collects personal and confidential data. This Policy does not apply to data collected by any site not related to Photo CDM.

Notice of Change of Purpose

Photo CDM will announce on the home page of its Web site any amendments to this Policy so that its Clients and Users are kept abreast of the nature and management of the data it collects.

Photo CDM will immediately inform its Clients and Users by email of any change of purpose, should it decide at any moment to use the confidential data it gathers for purposes other than those intended. Clients and Users will then have the opportunity to decline, if they so wish, to have their data used in this new manner.

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