A passionate team

Yves Roy

Yves Roy
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«Talking about photography and meeting photographers is just as fascinating as shooting photos.»

Geneviève Chalifoux
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«Working at Photo CDM means being part of a family where everyone has a passion for life itself, and especially photography.»
Kathleen Francoeur
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«If you do not react to sensitivity, you should not take a picture. It’s the picture that takes us» Henri-Cartier Bresson
Annie-Claude Magny
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«An image is worth a thousand words.» Confucius
Danielle Lafontaine
Danielle Lafontaine
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«My daily challenge is to make sure your images meet your expectations.»
Samuel Lafontaine
Samuel Lafontaine
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«Photography has a great future. At CDM, we will be part of it.»
Jean Lafontaine
Jean Lafontaine
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«It’s all about passion. Every single day spent with the CDM team and our loyal customers keeps me in contact with my love for photography.»