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Photos and videos for events and commercial use

Photo CDM offers a wide range of professional photo services for special events. Our team will plan, suggest, capture and deliver the quality images you need.

Our photographers can document places and objects, create advertising or promotional photographs, or cover specific events.

Whether in-house or through our partners, we can also plan and create corporate or promotional videos.

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One simple, easy call to make

According to your needs, CDM professionals will handle part of the work and will outsource some of the job to our selected partners. We deal with a range range of capable professionals and will recommend the right one for your specific project.

Give us a call. We will discuss your needs and submit a well-defined, clear proposal. It’s great way to avoid mistakes, oversights, and of course unexpected costs.

Let us offer you a complete, worry-free solution to all your imaging needs. We will deliver what we promise.