Retouching & restoration

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Retouching and restoration

Digital technology allows many old and damaged photos to be restored to their original appearance.

In many cases, spots, scratches, tears, cracked surfaces and other blemishes can be greatly improved. Our trained staff can make your souvenir images look like new.

The same holds true for faded or discolored photos. They can also be significantly rejuvenated.

Talk to one of our Photo CDM specialists to find how just how much we can do to «save» your photographic memories. We’ll gladly supply an estimate.

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Saving memories

By restoring old photos, you can protect your family’s history for future generations.

Many of us have old boxes of prints or negatives that are wasting away and slowly fading from the effects of time.

By having your photos retouched and sharing digital copies with friends and family, you can make sure your memories will last forever.

Once CDM transfers you the corrected digital file, all you’ll need to do is backup your files carefully. Your digital image can be shared and copied as required.