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User's manuals

The instruction manual that comes with your camera contains all the information you will need for all photographic situations.

Photo CDM recommends that you read the entire manual when buying your camera. It’s the best way to learn all the camera’s commands, features and functions. You probably won’t be using every single feature of your camera right from the start, but it’s important that you know they exist.

We understand that a new camera buyer is a lot more eager to get out and shoot than to sit down and read a technical manual chapter by chapter. By all means, go ahead and have some fun! Still, we recommend that you persevere. Make your manual your bedtime reading for as long as it takes, and don’t hesitate to return to the manual frequently. Like we said, all the answers are there. Of course, if you prefer to drop in to the store for further explanations or clarification, we’ll be glad to help!

We recommend that you always have your manual close by. If that’s not practical, save the links you’ll find on this page to your smartphone or mobile device so the information follows you everywhere.

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